1. No Pets allowed
2. Respect the confidentiality and anonymity of peers
3. Residents are not permitted to bring any valuable items to the residence as Woman Survival is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged valuables.
4. Residents’ rooms are to be cleaned (residents beds are to be made when residents are not in the bed.)
5. No loitering in front of the property
6. Guests are permitted upon approval by staff. ** No visitors allowed without manager’s consent and no guests allowed overnight, you are responsible for guests. All approved guest must sign a written agreement and must abide by the same rules and regulations of the resident. Any guest to Woman Survival property will be asked to leave immediately if members of staff or residents suspect any use of illegal or illicit drug or alcohol. Our program encourages visits from children and family. Visit times will be established as part of treatment plan.
7. Any resident who is prescribed medications must immediately inform the house manager. All medications must be approved by house manager and will be placed in a lock box. Medications will be disbursed as prescribed by staff.
8. As a member of a recovering community, based on the principles of honesty and trust, we request any resident who knows that another resident has violated any rules Woman Survival report behavior to staff, immediately.
9. Residents must be employed, attending an approved educational or training program within the first 30 days of living in Woman Survival.
10. Residents not employed or enrolled in an approved program must leave the property by 9am daily and return after 4pm. While the resident is out she must actively job search for 2 hours daily with written documentation on efforts.
11. Residents are not allowed to answer the phone and staff must approve phone usage.
12. Any compliant or concern about another resident must be brought to the attention of the house manager immediately.
13. Residents are NOT permitted to bring or remove any furniture or fixtures from the house. No wall hangings will be allowed. You may bring family pictures or recovery items only.
14. Staff will submit incident reports regarding; serious injuries to staff or residents, criminal activity on the property, arrests of residents or staff, and property damage that would make the house uninhabitable.
15. Use of Woman survival provisions for other than house use is considered stealing and is grounds for termination of contract and eviction from the residence.
16. Each resident will be provided a set of linens (mattress cover, sheets, pillow and pillow case) towels, and wash cloths. Woman Survival will also supply common use items such as cookware, dining ware, coffee and filters, cleaning products, toilet paper, trash bags, paper towels, and hand soap.
17. No refunds will be issued to any resident evicted from Woman Survival for violation of rules. Security deposit will be refunded to residents in good standing and providing thirty (30) days written notice of move out.
18. Recovery from alcoholism and chemical dependency can be enhanced by how you dress and how you care for your personal hygiene. Personal grooming may be a therapeutic concern. Staff will address such issues. Appropriateness of all dress and accessories is subject to the discretion of the staff.
Please note: Cell phone use is NOT permitted on the premises. If a resident brings a cell phone, it will be secured in a safe and the resident will not have access to it while in treatment.
**There is a safe available to secure valuables.
• Spending money: You may want to bring a small amount of spending money. Typically $10-$40 is enough.

What NOT to pack
If a patient brings any potentially addictive substances will be thrown away.
NO pillows, blankets, towels, stuffed animals
NO electronic devices: This includes radios, laptops, MP3 players, iPods, e-books/e-readers, televisions, cameras, DVD player, CD or cassette players, hand-held games, etc. A non-musical alarm clock or watch is permitted.
NO cell phones are permitted to be used in the treatment program.
If a patient brings a cell phone, it will be secured in the safe and the patient will not have access to it during treatment.
NO outside food items: This includes candy and gum. All meals and snacks are provided.
NO explicit reading material: No pornographic or vulgar reading material allowed.
NO baseball hats. Winter caps may be worn outside during colder weather but are not permitted in the building.
NO art supplies or musical instruments • These items are provided during the appropriate therapeutic settings.

Individuals may be referred to Woman Survival by family members, physicians, community-based drug and alcohol programs, judicial system, employee assistant professionals, clergy, interventionists, or private therapists.

Woman Survival admissions counselors are available to arrange admissions, facilitate transportation, schedule evaluations, and assist with insurance verifications. Inquiries should be made during regular hours to expedite verification of benefits. Once verified, the admissions counselor will arrange a convenient date and time for the new patient to be admitted.

Woman Survival is an approved alcohol and chemical dependency treatment provider for many managed care organizations and insurance plans. We explore every opportunity for payment options with the referring agency, individual and his or her family.

Release of information

We require the original signature of the patient and all sections checked or filled in appropriately on the release. The sections include:
1.Name, date of birth, and social security number (top right corner)
2.Person and/or organization receiving information with the address, phone
number and fax number (if appropriate)
3.What information is to be released (please be specific)
4.Time period from where the records are being taken; mm/dd/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy is the preferred format
5.Purpose of disclosure
6.Method of release
7.Patient signature and date
8.Witness signature and date
No information will be released unless the form is filled out in its entirety and considered to be valid. Invalid release forms will be returned and the patient will be asked to complete a new release form.

We will begin the transaction immediately upon receipt of proper authorization. We will bill for our services when applicable.
Please be aware that records are retained for a period of seven years from the date of discharge. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (203) 658-6619. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5:00 pm. Click Here to download our release form.