Woman Survival was established in 2011. The owner felt compelled to establish this foundation after her own life experiences and witnessing so many women lead down a path of self destruction due to different attributes of abuse they acquired in their lifetime. Our foundation helps women from many different walks of life from being recently released from prison to young adult woman even homeless women through consultation and individualized support services in a therapeutic home setting. Residential Treatment, In-Home Services and Consultation are the broad scope divisions, which make up Woman Survival. Woman Survival is a supportive transitional program for women to build healthy relationships before entering the community and becoming self-sufficient. Woman Survival is geared to informing women with the knowledge and tools they will need to acquire a structured but yet productive life. From high levels of residential care to in-home individualized therapeutic services, Woman Survival’s range of programs and services are visible throughout rural, suburban and urban communities across Connecticut.


Our promise is to inspire and teach women to overcome emotional trauma, self-esteem issues, substance abuse, and addiction. We believe that through a mind, body and spirit connection you will develop inner peace and self-love, which will in turn allow you to set healthy boundaries, live with integrity, empowerment, become goal orientated and strength to defeat adversity. Our goal is for each woman to leave with a newfound confidence that will help in her transitional in becoming self-sufficient.

Who we help

Woman Survival helps women from different walks of life with the same goal of success in living a productive, self –sufficient life. Our program is geared towards but not limited to providing assistance to the following needs.

What we offer

Woman Survival residential program is a 120 day (4 months) referral based program in which you will have 24 hour access to a dedicated manager and credentialed staff onsite. Our trained staff will design an individualized treatment plan to fit each woman’s specific needs. We will monitor your success and make changes to your treatment plan as needed. Some of the programs we offer include, a woman’s program, young adults program, professional’s program for healthcare and other licensed professionals, integration to the workforce, outpatient services and much more. For woman suffering from addiction we offer a 12-step program, relapse program, recovery management (coaching), AA and NA meetings.

• Transitional living for recently released women inmates
-For women inmates one of the greatest challenges is avoiding
a return to drug use and crime. It is in the best interest in correctional facilities and communities to provide good transition
services to help inmates return successfully to their communities.
Our programs goal is to make the transition for each woman successful. Each woman’s success is deemed by each individual’s effort and commitment to the program.

• Transitional living for woman dealing with homelessness
-Emergency sheltering is not enough help for women who are homeless. There are many different reasons a woman may become homeless and it is goal to provide them the essential tools and treatment plan. Our transitional housing is combined with wrap-around services to assist the women with developing stability in their lives.

• Transitional living for young women, age 18-21
-Woman Survival transitional living program offers a multi-disciplinary approach for young women, ages 18-21. This is a level–based curriculum program that was developed to be completed in a 120 days period. With extended care options available. We offer job training resources, life skills, educational & vocational opportunities, addiction recovery & aftercare, and behavioral health therapy.

• Transitional living for women dealing with sobriety
-Based on the fact that alcohol and chemical dependency is a primary and progressive illness. Woman Survival has developed highly specialized alcohol and chemical dependency treatment programs. Our treatment plans are built upon the foundation of the 12-Step Program. We take into consideration each woman’s unique medical circumstances as well as her individual lifestyle and specific obstacles to recovery. We conduct a medical assessment to identify the severity of each woman’s disease. In order to recommend the appropriate level of care for patients with chemical or alcohol dependency symptoms, evaluations are completed in accordance with guidelines and protocols established by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and the Diagnostic Statistical Manual IV of the American Psychiatric Association.

Why choose Woman Survival

At our residential program you will build bonds, friendships and healthy relationships. You will have complete access to the tools, trainings and therapy to be a successful woman in your community. With individual treatment program plans designed by our trained staff, you will gain the knowledge on how to set boundaries to live a productive life. Our program will guide you in achieving each short-term goal you set forth and provide you the skills to achieve your long-term goals, once you leave the program.
Each of our programs promotes growth for woman and their families that have experienced emotional trauma, self-esteem issues, substance abuse issues, and addiction. With the support we provide and your commitment to our program you will become a confident, independent individual.

At Woman Survival we are committed in providing a safe, comfortable and structured environment for woman. Woman Survival has been established to guide woman, who are motivated, to learn through life skills, individualized treatment plans and counseling, how to become independent.